Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Feelings can be described in several different ways, an emotional state or reaction, a belief, or even relating to our 5 senses with touch. Overall, feelings are weird, they can make our behaviors change, impact our daily lives and even our relationships with people. There are people who are good … Continue reading Feelings.


To My Best Friend.

Photo by Paweu0142 L. on Pexels.com Dear Best Friend, I’ve seen these posts about how if you’re friends with someone longer than 7 years they become your family. Which is what you were, my family. You are the other half of my tattoo, my sister, my friend. You stuck by my side during some of … Continue reading To My Best Friend.

Making Myself a Priority Shouldn’t Ruin My Relationship.

A recent argument stemmed from the idea that I was being too selfish. I am the first person to call someone out when they aren't being fair, especially in a relationship. Relationships can have a lot of ups and downs, of course. The biggest problem at the time was that I simply couldn't love. Mentally … Continue reading Making Myself a Priority Shouldn’t Ruin My Relationship.